For The Week of August 13th

May 6, 2017, Author: Woodside Community Church

Please remember to support the church though giving you can do it online at!

Wednesday Night please bring a potluck dish at six and this week will be the last family night.  We will all be together and talk about prayer and spend some extra in prayer

Clean up week! If you can give a few hours during the day or the evening the week of August 20-25 to help clean up things on the outside and inside of building’s,  it would be of a great service.  You will be amazed how much can be done in a couple hours!

Mowing help is needed to get caught up on the grass, if you can mow for an/./ hour or two that helps!   If you don’t like to mow you can always weed whack up around the cabin and along the creek, around mailboxes and signs and trees right out back!

 Need someone to come and plant more flowers in the flower pots and let’s try to keep them watered!

Appreciation Dinner on September 10th

August 25th we will be hosting a fishfry at the church for the community.  Please take a minute to share with friends and family.  That is the night of a Center Grove football game, so please pray that we are able to connect.  We will also serve Ribeye sandwiches.  It will begin at 4PM.

Good old Gal’s the ladies of Woodside will meet August 22 at 5:30 for a time of fellowship here at the church.