For The Week of July 23rd

May 6, 2017, Author: Woodside Community Church

Please remember to support the church though giving you can do it online at!


Wednesday Night we will have family night, bring a potluck dinner and connect with the church together, young and old!

Please be in prayer for the building.  

Please try to have as many supporters of the Church attend the Board of Zoning Appeals Hearing on July 25, 2017, 7:00 pm). 

Location:  Johnson County Courthouse Annex, 86 West Court Street, Franklin Indiana.   From the attorney!

 Mowing help is needed to get caught up on the grass, if you can mow for a hour or two that helps!   If you don’t like to mow you can always weed whack up around the cabin and along the creek, around mailboxes and signs and trees right out back!

 Opportunity to serve, we need someone or families to clean the cabin on a bi-weekly schedule.  If we clean it will not be as hard to clean if a group needs to use it!

 This Thursday and Friday Mark’s US history class will be having a yard sale at the building to raise funds for a trip to Washington DC.  If you have things that you would be interested in donating please contact and drop them off before Thursday. If you want to set up a table that’s great as well, it will be from 8-3 both days.

Ministry Team meeting Wednesday night after family night!