For The Week of October 8

May 6, 2017, Author: Woodside Community Church

Are you interested in serving in a early morning ministry at the church a couple days a week.  If so see Mark today!

 Wednesday Night please bring a potluck dish at six.  We will be back in Revelation for a couple of weeks. 

Outreach Team will meet after church today  after the service for a few minutes.

 Mowing if you can mow for an hour or two that helps!   If you don’t like to mow you can always weed whack up around the cabin and along the creek, around mailboxes and signs and trees right out back!

Connect groups will resume hopefully late October after the worship service Lord willing!  Please pray that we get the required permit tomorrow!

 Please remember to place your tithes and offering in the plate or go online at and support the church.  We are behind in giving for the 2017 year and need to catch up!

 If you are  interested in doing the Dave Ramsey financial workshop please sign up in back.  It will be on Sunday nights for several weeks beginning in October.  We will begin next Sunday at 5, the books shipped Thursday.

Please sign up to serve the little ones on Sunday mornings.

 Wednesday nights an awesome new kids program at 6:30 called Faithweaver and Friends the kids will be encouraged and challenged to be in word as well missional hands on projects.  Have your kids here for the program! Bring a few kids with you!

Begin inviting and praying as we reach out to community for the Harvest Party and trunk or treat.  We need as many cars as possible.  It will be Sunday October 29th from 4-7:30

Sign-up for the Chili and Bake off!

Mark it down! Invite your friends to come to our annual Harvest Fundraising Dinner on Sunday November 12th at 5:30.  Terry Holly a illusionist from Medina, Ohio will be here to share with us that evening.  We are hoping to raise enough money to pay for the fixes in the parking lot, over 7,000 dollars! Start saving today for a special offering that evening and invite friends who might give to the work!  Tickets go on sale today!